Time to get cushion creative

So it’s been a few weeks since my first post. I’ve been a busy bee finishing a couple of blanket orders and enjoying a family trip to Portugal. I was struggling with the weight of my case so the blankets couldn’t join me to be completed there, but I did take thread to finish some doilies for my Nan. Sunbathing whilst crocheting was bliss and my little pudding and Niblings had the best time playing together. The first time taking a toddler on a plane was pretty successful. He was only interested in looking out of the window for Pterodactyls. The boy is dinosaur obsessed.

So now that I’m back and current orders are done, it’s time to really crack on with my first pattern design. I’m as far as deciding that it’s going to be a rectangle cushion cover including neon pink. I’m thinking modern boho but we’ll see how the pattern pans out. I’ve made some basic sketches and notes and aim to start trying out stitches this weekend!

I imagine creating my first pattern will be a lot of trial and error but I’m ready for the challenge. I’ll update the blog in a week or two with how that goes! Exciting times 💕

Much love and fingers crossed,

The Woolly Kid

Hooked on crochet

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I’ve been meaning to set this up for quite some and have finally bit the bullet.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Danielle, I’ve almost spent 33 years on this earth and I’m in love with crochet. But it does of course come second to loving my family. I have been with my husband for approximately 11 and a half years and we have been married for nearly 4 of those. (He held out long enough!) The day before our honeymoon we discovered that it wasn’t going to be just the two of us anymore and was the beginning of a whirlwind few years. My son Elliott was born in March 2016 and i know its cheesy but he’s the light of my life. Don’t get me wrong he can be an absolute monster some days like most toddlers but hes also my favourite person to cuddle, hilariously cheeky and my reason to smile.

I have to mention my husband’s second wife (jokes), my sister Jade and my absolutely awesome Niblings Scarlett and Sebi. They are who I originally started crochet projects for and they wore them with style and encouraged me to make more for them!

Not long before Elliott was born I became slightly obsessed with crochet. I’d been taught to knit as a child by my lovely Nan so working with wool wasn’t entirely new to me but exciting to get back into. As some of you reading this will know, the infatuation with having every type of wool within your arsenal can be dangerous. I’ve adopted a `don’t buy a new ball of wool until ones been used` rule. I cant say I always stick to it but hey, I try. So the love of crochet began and I haven’t lost it since. I’ve struggled with mental health issues for a long time now but I honestly cannot thank this hobby enough, along with all my other supporters, in helping me feel less anxious and finally being able to relax. I recommend it for anyone in the same situation, ridiculously therapeutic (until you get to a gnarly mess of wool! But if there’s no detangling just cut it, tie together and weave in those pesky ends later, that’s my motto! Don’t spend precious crochet time stressing.)

Onto where The Woolly Kid began. After having my son I knew it wouldn’t be practical to go back to working in London, especially considering my husband works there aswell and not to mention the somewhat extortionate nursery fees! This is when I decided to start up my own small business from home, not only for a few extra pennies but to give me some independence back. Obviously knowing you’ve given birth to this tiny amazing human is incredible but the complete change of lifestyle can be daunting. This is where this little business has really helped me get a sense of me back.

Ive been taking custom orders for over 6 months now and the support and feedback I’ve had from family, friends and strangers has been amazing and I am extremely grateful. I love my little business and getting to express my artsy ways and I’m determined to get The woolly kid out there in the world of crochet. Hence this blog post. I am venturing into writing my own crochet patterns. Eek! I am so excited I just hope people like them. To have someone be happy with a product they’ve made from one of my patterns would be deeply satisfying and pretty exciting! If anyone would like to leave me any advice it is very welcomed. I am reading up on all I can take in but to hear direct from a designer would be great.

Well that’s my first blog post complete, yay! Now onto designing my first pattern and keeping you updated with as many blog posts as I can.

Much love, The woolly kid

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